TeamViral - Achievements:

Placement:                                   Game:                                                                   Event/Leagues:

Qualified                                       Rainbow Six: Siege                                               ESL Major League Season 1

5th                                                 HearthStone                                                          LanTrek


5th                                                 Smash Bros: Melee Doubles                                Beast 7


13/400+                                         Smash Bros: Melee Singles                                 Beast 7


2nd                                                Smash Bros: Melee Doubles                               Kickstart 14


6th                                                  Smash Bros: Melee Singles                                Kickstart 14


1st                                                  Smash Bros: Melee Doubles                               Smashbox 2


4th                                                  Smash Bros: Melee Singles                                Smashbox 2


1st                                                  Smash Bros: Singles                                           Sea Salt


1st                                                  Smash Bros: Melee Doubles                               Sea Salt


2nd                                                 Smash Bros: Melee Singles                                Arcamelee 2


5th                                                  Smash Bros: Melee Doubles                              Don't Park On The Grass


25th/640                                         Smash Bros: Melee Singles                                Don't Park On The Grass


1st                                                  Smash Bros: Melee Doubles                               Dreamhack


3rd                                                 Paladins                                                               Champions Circuit


Qualified                                       Counterstrike: Global Offensive                            ESL Summer Promotion

2nd                                                Paladins                                                               Gauntlet


2nd                                                Counterstrike: Global Offensive                           Island of legends


3rd                                                 League Of Legends                                             Island of legends


1st                                                 Counterstrike: Global Offensive                            TLP Tenerife


1st                                                 League Of Legends                                              TLP Tenerife




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