Battalion 1944 Anouncement

We are very excited to announce that TeamViral has entered Battalion 1944! We have signed the roster previously known as EP5. 


The full roster is as follows:


Taylor ‘ taZaRini’ Duke

Ashley ‘ashyYE’ Clarke

Stuart ‘Mezy’ Tufft

Joshua ‘Josh’ Mortimer

Jack ‘Mehpixl’ Cleugh


Here’s what our captain, taZaRini has to say about the pickup and the future:


“We're incredibly excited to start working with TeamViral. This is the next important step in our journey towards getting some amazing offline tournament results under our belt. Their professionalism and assistance so far has been exemplary.”


A further comment from our entry-fragger Mezy says:


"Since my days in CoD4, I've been looking forward to getting stuck into a game with good core mechanics, and Battalion has filled that void.


We're incredibly dedicated to practising hard, and we know that if we continue to do so, we will be known as one of the best teams in Europe."


You can see them make their debut under TeamViral at i62. This is the first official LAN event for Battalion and we can’t wait to see what the developers have in store for esports going forward.



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