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Team Inquires:

If you are wanting to try and become a part of the TeamViral family by representing your team for us then here is the place. Makes sure to describe who and what eSport your team competes in. For a better chance of our services make sure to put down any LAN or Leauge placings you have.


Sponsorship Inquires:

If you are trying to sponsor/partner with TeamViral then make sure to list to us what you/your company provides. Any extra information what you think would benefit our partnership be sure to list it. Make sure to list any other ways of contact, this may be useful in the future.

Media/Business Inquires:

This section is if you are trying to get in contact with someone of the TeamViral's management team. We respond and review each email carefully. Try to put as much important information as possible so we can fully review your request and reply within 24 hours. Make sure to link any excess information that we might need in order to contact you back.



General Inquiries

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