ESL Premiership Recap


Our very own, Deaddraw, had competed in the ESL Premiership for Hearthstone. This was his very first LAN event in his Hearthstone career. Although, the event was running behind and he was forced to compete during the second day of the event. The casters stated that he, “came out of thin air,” due to the fact that he had beaten some of the top Hearthstone players and coming to compete. Deaddraw had his own interview and stated, “What drew me to Hearthstone was Yu-Gio... I already enjoyed card I enjoyed things with strategy. So when I heard about Hearthstone, I thought it would be perfect for me.” As well he also stated, “[the event] will definitely add some pressure playing in front of an audience, just because I’ve never actually been to a live tournament before. But, I’m just going to do my best and hope it doesn’t affect my gameplay much.” He was very reassuring during the interview and said that he was capable of doing this.


For Deaddraw’s first match, he competed against . The game was very interesting, but he won with a stunning 3-2 lead in the Quarterfinals. Falconehs wasn’t done just yet. Sadly, Deaddraw fell short to Paradox and didn’t move on to the Final’s Bracket of ESL Premiership Day 2. Deaddraw found a way to come out on top. Deaddraw was able to best Duncan with a 3-1 victory in the series. The last game was incredibly close in the series, but then faced off against Duncan from Meltdown Esports Bar for his final series of the day. DeaddrawAfterwards Deaddraw went into a post game interview and stated that he “should be favored in his next game…”Afterwards Deaddraw faced off against Paradox. Paradox had Dreadraw with a 3-1 victory, but Deaddraw































Deaddraw was able to move onto Day 3 of the ESL Premiership. This was his first Season, LAN Event, as well as his first time making it to the Finals. This was definitely an important event started out 0-2 against Mysterious. Although the new comer fired back with the reverse sweep, which took him to the Winner’s Finals Bracket. Deaddraw had another post series interview and stated, “I’m kinda surprised that I won… but I managed to get there in the end.” He also stated with reassurance, “[ToastMonster] is a really good player, but my deck should be good against him. [But] I could say that about this [last] played very well in order to win that vital series. Deaddrawgame, and that was pretty close.”to him. His first matchup was against the veteran Mysterious from MNM Gaming. Deaddraw


finals. Not entirely happy with some of my play and my decision to bring ended finishing up the series 2-3 to ToastMonster. ToastMonster would then move on to face Paradox in the Grand Finals. Meanwhile, #ESLPremAfter his first match, Deaddraw was going to face off against ToastMonster from MNM Gaming. Deaddraw was humble to his defeat in the end and took home 3rd place. He would then later tweet out, “Finished 3rd in theDeaddrawpriest, but still pleased with the result.”


TeamViral is very proud with how he placed. We hope to see him compete in more events under TeamViral, and continue mastering his craft.































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