We are proud to announce our first Halo roster.


Halo is one of the oldest and most storied esports titles with some of the most passionate fans in all of gaming. It goes without saying that we are very excited to finally step into Halo. Our main goal is to help Halo esports grow in whatever way we can and make TeamViral a brand that Halo fans can be proud of supporting. With this in mind we will be producing video content on Youtube and streaming matches wherever possible. You can see the team in action competing in the online Europa Halo League. We hope to see the team compete at LAN very soon!


The full roster is as follows:



  • Corey “Spxrky” Clarke 


  • James “Censure” Ward


  • Manuel “Ninja” Chianese


  • Alessandro “Alexer” Bordonaro



You can stay up-to-date with the team’s progress via ours and the players Twitter accounts so be sure to give them all a follow!


I spoke with CEO and owner Troy ‘’ Duck ‘’  Miller and asked about why he wanted to compete in Halo:


Q: Why did you chose to go into Halo over other esports titles?


I wanted to make the step into Halo to see if we can help the scene grow in any way possible. It would be a shame if Halo esports was to fizzle out and we didn't do our part to encourage fan interaction and sponsor investment.


I also spoke with the captain of the team Corey and this is what he had to say:


    Q: What’s your main goal with this lineup?


The aim with this squad is to win the Europa League which I believe we are fully capable of doing.


Q: How do you feel about TeamViral stepping into Halo?



Definitely positive and with a strong lineup I think the org can become a big name in Halo. Me and the team look forward to working with them!


Q: What's the team's mindset going into Europa League?


We haven't played officially as a team since the last event but we put up quite dominant scores in scrims apart from against Endpoint at the last Gfinity. But with a few games under our belt we are pretty confident we will perform.



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