TeamViral Competes At Heir 4!

This weekend TeamViral competed at Heir 4. It was hosted in the University of Nottingham and is Europe’s biggest Super Smash Bros: Melee event. For the first time, TeamViral had two players competing at a Smash event. After months of preparation it was finally time for Overtriforce and Trif to play hard and make sure their practice paid off. They competed in the doubles event together and the singles event individually.



The doubles event was first and was played on the Saturday. Our boys cruised through pools boasting a 6-0 set count, not even dropping a single game. The Spanish duo opened bracket play with a swift 2-0 before falling to the losers bracket in a close set against Timi and gLory. Our duo then managed to fight all the way from losers round 3 to the losers final where they eventually fell to Professor Pro and Amsah. Overtriforce and Trif placed third in the doubles event.






















The singles event began on Sunday. Both of our boys continued their good form into the singles and advanced comfortably into bracket play from their respective pools.


Overtriforce won in close series against Android and Vanity Angel before meeting S2J in the winners quarter final where he was edged out in a close match dropping him to losers bracket. Over strung together a couple of wins in the losers bracket before eventually being matched against Trif in the losers quarter final. Unfortunately there could only be one winner and Trif won on this occasion. Overtriforce placed a strong 5th in the singles event.


Trif advanced to the winners semi final winning against Deathgazer, Xoler and Amsah convincingly before being dropped to the losers bracket by Leffen where he would face Overtriforce. Trif won against Overtriforce and advanced. Unfortunately this was at the cost of eliminating his teammate. Trif played S2J in the losers final and fell short this time. Trif placed an impressive 3rd in the singles event.



















Overall Placements


Doubles: Overtriforce/Trif - 3rd


Singles: Overtriforce - 5th

              Trif- 3rd


We would like to thank Overtriforce and Trif for representing us with the utmost professionalism and congratulate them on their amazing placements! 


Final words 


Everyone at TeamViral would like to thank TeamHeir for the well organised and professional event. It was very enjoyable for players and spectators alike and we hope we can attend another Heir event soon! Until next time...


-Dan, Manager for TeamViral

Copyright 2016 @TeamViral




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