Interview with TeamViral CS:GO's bustaN and SheddaN - "[We] aim to finish top 3 [at DreamHack Winter 2018 BYOC]"



Hello, I am Dom who is the new Counter-Strike writer for TeamViral. I'll be bringing you exclusive player interviews, updating you on tournaments and so on! Today, I am interviewing Viral's coach Mikael "SheddaN" Mellstrom and another player, Casper "bustaN" Bartoldsson, about their upcoming participation at DreamHack Winter's BYOC LAN. Enjoy!


How has your preparation for DreamHack Winter gone thus far?


SheddaN: I think the preparation has gone well, we improve more and more after every time we practice. After some tough losses in ESEA Main, we seem more confident than ever.


bustaN: Preparation is going good, we are currently working hard on our map pool since DreamHack Winter will consist of a lot of BO3 matches so it's important to have a deep map pool.


What are your next steps to prepare for the tournament?


SheddaN: Our map pool is the biggest priority at the moment, but our next step would be trying to play our style on every map so we can perform at our best level possible.


bustaN: We are training hard individually right now as well so we can be at our best, and we are really trying to improve our CT rotations and communications right now.


How do you feel going into the event?


SheddaN: I feel really confident and excited going into DreamHack. We will all get to meet each other in real life and that's going to be great! I think we can go far if we keep doing what we're doing and learning after every practice session.


bustaN: Since this will be our first ever LAN, it will be beneficial in getting the experience. I'm super excited to meet the boys and to play on LAN, as well as watching the main Counter-Strike event. I just hope that SmithZz and Ex6TenZ will still be on G2. My expectations are that we finish top 3, but we are aiming higher.


What is your chance out of 10 to win the LAN?


SheddaN: I would say 7/10. I don't really know the teams that will take part, but I really believe that we can win it!


bustaN: Honestly, 4/10. There are going to be some dangerous mixes and solid teams there, but we can do damage on the right maps at the right time so you never know!


Anything you would like to say to anyone reading?


SheddaN: Thanks to Viral for the DreamHack trip and everything they provide us with!


bustaN: Shoutout to Viral for providing help for us on our trip to the tournament!

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