Clearing up CS:GO Controversy

Hi everyone. Recently we have run into some controversy regarding our former CS:GO team. We believe the story has been told from one side leaving it very biased. Ultimately we don’t want this situation to damage our brand as we don’t think we have done much wrong in this situation. We feel we need to release our side of the story for you to get a full picture of what has happened.




We first got into talks with the team mid-January with all conversations taking place on Steam. As anyone who uses Steam knows, there is little to no record of Steam messages so we cannot find them. This is a mistake we have made and have learnt from. We will conduct all negotiation with teams where there is a record of messages in future.


The event in question is LanTrek which is taking place this weekend. The event hosted a series of qualifiers beginning on 21 Jan. Our team failed to qualify. After a team dropped out, they hosted a last chance qualifier to fill the final spot for the event. This was held on the 10 Feb where our team qualified. At this point we paid for their team pass to attend the LAN as well as apparel. We were given the impression that all the players would be staying at a house and they didn’t need any more funding for the event. We also paid for one staff member to travel from the UK to get content for the organisation. Sending a staff member was expensive and was at the request of the team.


On the 25th Feb the team came to us and asked for full hotel coverage and travel expenses. Keep in mind that the LAN is beginning on the 2 March giving us very short notice to sort this out for the team. Our budget had already been allocated elsewhere but we did what we could for the team and offered them either hotel or travel expenses. It was with regret that we were not able to fund both. The team were rightly disappointed but also very unappreciative and entitled in their disapproval.


We have made the decision to release chat logs we have with the team. We realise that this is not good form on our part but we feel our brand image has been threatened by this situation and would like to give people the full picture of what happened.


These logs are from Twitter and occurred after a conversation on Steam which we cannot get hold of. 


After the team and organisation separated we made every effort not to hold them back and allowed them to buy the spot at the LAN back. We could have forced them to play under TeamViral if we wanted to.


We wish the team the best of luck at LanTrek and in the future. We would like to thank our fans for their continued support. We welcome any questions people have regarding the situation as we have nothing to hide.


Dan Harper – Manager for TeamViral

Copyright 2016 @TeamViral




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