TeamViral At TLP Tenerife

TeamViral is back at it again representing ourselves at TLP Tenerife. We are extremely proud to say that our Counter-Strike Global Offensive and League of Legends teams competed at TLP Tenerife this past July from the 12th to the 17th. The Counter-Strike team consisted of Zorrok1ng,   Betito, Jorgen, Littlesatan, Opio, and their coach Chipi. With the great communication from all of the members of the team and the constant support by the community through the LAN we gained a wide range of social media exposure and motivastion. From the hours of practice, it paid off with a first-place finish in the byoc as well as a second place finish in the Island of Legends. The League Of Legends team which consisted of Stil3, Stinger, Pablix, Fluzx, Koalaondrugs, and Werto. They fought just as hard as the Counter-Strike team bringing home a first-place finish at the byoc, and a third place finishes as the Island of Legends. We are proud of how our players performed at TLP representing TeamViral. This is just the beginning of TeamViral competing at LAN events and there is much more in store for us. With TeamViral always striving forward we plan to improve our game and improve our communication. 

— Matt, Management For TeamViral

— Gallery Highlights Of TLP Tenerife 2016

— Live Picture From TLP Tenerife 2016

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